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Welcome to Weigel Stables photo album! 
A history of horses and riders that Edee has trained, nurtured and together made the best that they can be.

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Weigel Stables - Combined Training - Hunters - Jumpers - Equitation - Dressage
'Maggie May' 1969
'Feels Right' 1978
Equitation on 'Cowboy' 1982
Edee the assistant trainer 1981
Spruce Meadows 1980
Edee's students 1979
Edee & 'Star' 1981
'Tango' 1982
'Tango' 1982
Winner! 1984
L.A. Equestrian Center 1982
Edee & 'Bullet Proof' 1984
Edee & 'Bullet' Grand Prix trophy
Bitting Rig 1986
L.A. Equestrian Center 1982
Edee & 'Bullet Proof'
Edee with trophy
Edee and friends with another win!
'Nine to Five' 1989
Kerri Potter 1986
Edee's students 1988
'Quantum Leap' 1989
Bill Herring
'Cover Girl' 1987
Katie Nettleman on 'Laguna'
'Quantum Leap' Champion
"Glamorous Edee!" 1991
'Electra' 1996
Edee and 'Black Diamond' win!
Edee's students win!
Edee and 'Black Diamond'
'TC Bush' 1994
Emi and 'Afrika' 1992
Edee with students San Diego
Emi and 'Bullet Proof'
'Sunny' with Edee and Ernie - Great Falls 1999
'Stormy' - Great Falls 1999
'Stormy' 1999
Show Hunter Champion - 'Sunny'
'Cricket' 2002
Sunny buns
'Cricket' as a yearling
Edee and Ernie showing off in Montana
Ernie and 'Ben' in the Pryors
Pinto beans
Emi and 'Sunny' in Montana
'ParFay' at home
Ernie and 'Harley' mounted shooting
Edee and 'Sunny'
'U2' Practical Horseman Magazine
'U2' and Edee
'U2' at home
'ParFay' USDF show 2004
'ParFay' USDF show 2004
'U2' at Creekside Ranch
Cantering 'U2' at Creekside
"Dreaming of Volition"
'CondessA' 2006
'CondessA' portrait
Half-pass to the right
Canter volte
Summer in Bozeman 2008
Jonnie and 'Ringo' 2009
Edee with Jonnie & 'Ringo' 2009
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